When you’re on that line, nothing else matters. And you better be thinking about how much you love this. The thrill, the competition, the ability to push yourself beyond what you ever believed you could do. And suddenly you’re racing for your life. And it hurts, you’re tired, but you still love it. And you pull something out of you for that last 200 meters to sprint past that person in front of you. And after you cross the finish line, you leave, knowing, that you left it all out there. That’s what racing is all about. It’s a passion. It’s something to be proud of.

How far would you push yourself when you believe the only person who will ever know is you?

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When Someone Asks If I’m Competitve

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4 miles yesterday, hiking today, and then another 3.5 evening miles.

Going for my surgery tomorrow so I’ll be out of training for around 2-3 weeks. :(

Will just have to reblog posts and obsess over losing fitness.


I’m not the fastest - but as long as I can do monday morning intervals I’m not going to give up.

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A good run feels like being part of the wind, flowing down the street with a power so strong yet so gentle. It feels like fire, warmth spreading from head to toe instantly. It feels like a shower for the soul, fresh and clear. The sun tickles your fingertips and you could go on forever. In those moments, the world seems so simple and the edge of heaven seems right at your fingertips. And non runners always ask why running is enjoyable. I just shrug because I know the secrets of a distance runner cannot truly be expressed in words to those who have not experienced the wind, fire, and water.