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Home for a few days in my shore town and got some work in yesterday!

Yesterday banged out 3.5 miles in about 29 minutes - fastest run since the SFX. Part of that has to be that it’s not 90 degrees and hilly, but still!

Resting today but can’t wait to get back out there. :) Starting to feel normal again.

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4 miles.

And then ice bath and tiger balm and protein shake. :)

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Ooh yah so balmy right now

Banged out 4 miles this morning.

My leg felt good the whole way! I’m noticing my fitness losses (ran at 9:22 pace, felt tired) but that also could have been due to the 87% humidity here in ATL today.

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Just talked to 4 miles about it

And I feel better :)

On my honor I will do my best to be a better runner; to watch out for cars and increase my mileage gradually; to run in the rain, without boast or complaint; to not go out way to fast; to eat right, listen to my body, and, one of these days, volunteer at a race.

The Runner’s Oath - The Runner’s Field Manual, A Tactical and Practical Survival Guide, by Mark Remy and the editors of Runner’s World. (via emily-pluspoints)