Day 354/365: Part 2/3

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Enjoying a cuppa my favorite bedtime tea after doing my PT homework.


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Prime running weather here in Atlanta.

And yet, there my Brooks sit, sad and lonely by the door, begging to be taken out.

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II think every committed runner prays in her own way while she’s moving. It might not be the mysteries of the rosary or the lord’s prayer. It may be a line from a book or a scrap of dialogue from a movie. It may be a song or the memory of a lover’s touch or a child’s smile. Something in the act of running, the heat and rhythm and dance of your stride, connects you to the spirit. It’s the same for a 2:08 marathoner as for a 5:08 one. If you go too long without that connection, you grow strange to yourself.

-Alberto Salazar in 14 Minutes

i know i know, not totally kosher to be quoting him. but i love this passage. it just rings so true.


"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” - Robert Brault photo via Saucony Running

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Got to use an Alter G treadmill at PT today!

So the Alter G is this super cool device that lets you walk and eventually run at a percentage of your body weight. They basically zip you in, creating a seal, and then blow it up with air so it buoys you up to the desired percentage of body weight. Example: today I walked at around 75% BW! So cool and made me feel like I’m living in the FUTURE.

Otherwise PT is super boring for an athlete, I feel like I’m doing baby exercises! I know that I have to start slow with a stress fracture but it’s hard as a semi-serious athlete to be doing exercises that don’t give me that workout high.

More Miles. More Fun!

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